Ballet & Barre Fitness

Ballet is taught by Steve Walther. Trained at the Royal Ballet with over 14 years experience as a Professional Ballet Dancer performing around the world with Teatro Koros, West Australian Ballet and the prestigious Northern Ballet Theatre.


Ballet will define, tone, elongate and strengthen your body whilst improving your flexibility, co-ordination and balance. All the exercises are exactly what a classical ballet dancer performs to achieve that graceful and aesthetic look. The music is lyrical, beautiful and inspiring. Famous music you will recognise and new composers that will get you lost in the world of dance. Ballet will give you a new dimension to your exercise regime. Fun and light hearted.

Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness is a concept sweeping the Fitness Industry with phenomenal success. It combines basic ballet moves with Pilates exercises to strengthen muscles and seriously tone the arms, abs, bottom and legs. Simple moves are executed in a rhythmic manner to also burn calories and lose fat.

Holding onto a barre reduces the risk of losing balance and helps you to work harder for longer. Classical Ballet will help you to achieve the lengthened, long, lean and flexible muscles much admired in Ballet Dancers The care and precision of Pilates helps to improve your posture and to strengthen your core in a safe and productive manner.

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Classes - Ballet & Barre Fitness

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