Based upon the original exercises devised by Joseph Pilates this is a non impact class designed to strengthen the deep abdominals, glutes and back muscles to help stabilise the spine and pelvis. it will improve your posture, balance and flexibility. Pilates is for injury rehabilitation, alleviated back and neck pain and improved joint stability. True strength comes from within.

Back to Basics

Back to Basics is exactly what it says. All exercises are based on the original Joseph Pilates exercises enhanced by Physiotherapists and Exercise Professionals this class is for the beginner, injury rehabilitation and participants who want to improve their technique. It will be performed slower and more gently than normal Pilates.

Power Pilates

Power Pilates has all the incredible benefits of my normal Pilates classes yet it’s just a bit more intense for clients that want to take their Pilates onto the next level. Exercises can be performed at a faster rate, increased repetitions and longer duration. As with all my classes I provide modifications and alternatives to suit your individual needs.

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Class - Pilates

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