Total Fitness

Welcome to The Ilkley Fitness Centre, our experienced instructor, Steve will guide you through an all round fitness class using aerobics, resistance training and core work all set to a fun and energetic soundtrack to help you to achieve your fitness goals.

What is Total Fitness?

This class focuses on whole body fitness. The most complete all round exercise class available. Fun, motivating and very effective. Resistance training using barbells, dumbells and body weight to improve muscular tone, density and definition. Resistance training also helps to improve your joint stability and trabecular bone mass. Changing range, rate, rhythm resistance and repetitions will maximise the effect you achieve on your body shape.

Calorie Burning and Fun!

Aerobic exercises to improve your heart rate, blood pressure levels and to improve your anaerobic threshold all set to a fun soundtrack for added motivation. The level of effort at which anaerobic energy pathways start to be a significant part of energy production enabling you to work harder for longer.

The effort you put in during this class will keep you burning for hours!

Expert Guidance

Meet Steve, your Total Fitness instructor At The Ilkley Fitness Centre, we're proud to have Steve as our Total Fitness instructor. With a background as a professional Ballet Dancer with Northern Ballet Theatre and over 22 years of experience as a level 3 REPS Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Steve is the epitome of expertise in the field. His specialisation in technique and posture ensures that you receive a safe, efficient, and enjoyable workout tailored to your specific fitness goals. Regardless of your current ability, all classes offer progressions and modifications to cater to everyone.

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At The Ilkley Fitness Centre, we believe that fitness should be enjoyable and transformative. Our Total Fitness classes offer a whole body workout that not only helps you achieve your fitness goals in a fun, friendly and supportive environment with excellent tuition.

Contact us now to join our Total Fitness classes at The Ilkley Fitness Centre. Experience your workout in a beautiful setting with expert tuition.

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Class - Total Fitness

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